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ORLANDO mission

The need for ongoing ministry in Orlando is great. We're meeting that need every week through your generous donations.

God loves and defends those with the least economic and social power, and so should we.
— Tim Keller

hope needs vision



At Straight Street, we like to give anyone who has interest an opportunity to “get in where you fit in”. We currently host food shares on Tuesdays at 5:30pm. Our Tuesday food share takes place in downtown Orlando at the St. George Orthodox Church parking lot on 24 North Rosalind Avenue. Email for details.


We welcome individuals, families, small groups, youth groups, churches, fraternities, sororities, etc. to join us weekly in any capacity. Every week, a host is scheduled and is responsible for preparation, distribution and delivery of a meal large enough to feed an average of 250 persons

three year plan:


  • Continue to conduct weekly food shares and surpass 300,000 meals served to-date.

  • Purchase food truck and take our food sharing program on the road!


Purchase property in downtown Orlando to open up a permanent breakfast and lunch cafe to employ rehabilitated homeless individuals. 


Begin to franchise our cafes and offer business ownership opportunities to willing and qualified employees.