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After years of working with the homeless in the inner-city of Orlando, we were blessed to begin a partnership with Mangalô in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2016, we partnered with the ministry to build their eight (but our first) home in the neighborhood of Parque das Flores for a single mother of two. We knew then God had established a way for us to build hope for the hopeless, an avenue to build dignity for the downtrodden. That journey revolutionized our hearts, and strengthened our resolve for helping those most in need here at home and abroad. Our latest initiative in Brazil allows us to come alongside pre-existing efforts and make progress for change in the community.


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It was October 11, 2012 when I first fell in love with São Paulo. Genesis Church orchestrated its inaugural mission trip to discover if there was to be a future in helping the church and community of Parque das Flores. I, along with a team from Genesis, which also included two additional board members from Straight Street were immediately immersed in a culture of love and happiness…and extreme poverty.

The brokenness of the favelas (slums) was masked only by the share joy of its inhabitants that Americans knew who they were, where they were and cared enough to come and serve them anyway. I remember daydreaming about what a Straight Street Brazil could look like and all the things we could do to be a beacon of light and hope to our newfound family.

The three of us returned again that following May of 2013 and as both relationships and purpose began to cultivate, our hearts ached for the sound of the children’s laughter and the chorus of worship music that bursts forth from the lips of the downtrodden crying out in both gratitude and petition and we knew God would provide a when, but didn’t know how.

With two of our board members returning to São Paulo every year, sometimes twice a year since our first trip, we discovered a movement had begun to take place in Parque das Flores.

The first was that more people were getting pushed into this already overpopulated area due to the preparation for the 2016 Olympics. Second, as more shacks were being built by this new exodus of families, there was an emergence of an organization developing a low cost, practical and safe home for people with the greatest need. In October of 2016, almost four years exactly to the date of our first trip, Straight Street Orlando partnered with Mangalô to build their eighth, but our first home for a single mother of two. It took exactly three days, and with the use of a revolutionary material made of recycled materials, we were able to play a part in creating a future for this family that was very different than they could ever anticipate.

We knew then God had established a way for us to build hope for the hopeless, an avenue to build dignity for the downtrodden, and participants in His answer to the countless prayers of the people in this city.

~ PJ Charles